Resin Wood Filler Experts

CavityTech Systems Ltd carry out timber resin treatments across the South East of England. Our experienced team of surveyors have a wide range of solutions at their disposal to solve your resin wood filler problems. We will recommend the most suitable repair for your property and provide a written report and estimate for the work required.

What is Resin Wood Filler?

Resin wood filler is an ideal method for the replacement and repair of decayed ends or mid-sections of timber beams, frame members, or joists – without the need to remove the main body of healthy timber from your building. It allows us to carry out repairs to the affected structural component of your building using resin wood filler, without the normal extensive and expensive building works associated with this type of work.

Interior view of loft space under construction in timber
Interior view of timber framed home under construction

What can Timber Resin Treatments Repair?

At CavityTech Systems Ltd, our resin repair designs can be used to restore all structural timbers, including:

  • Rafters
  • Purlins
  • Tie beams
  • Lintels
  • Bressumers
  • Timber frames
  • Joists

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