Cavity Wall Tie Replacements Throughout the South East

CavityTech Systems Ltd provide wall tie replacements throughout the South East of England. If your cavity wall tie is failing, our fully trained and highly experienced surveyors have a range of solutions to solve the problem. We will recommend the most suitable structural repair for your property type and its construction, as well as providing a written report and estimate for any work that needs to be carried out.

An Introduction to Cavity Walls

Since the beginning of the 20 Century, cavity walls have been used to offer better protection from the elements and reduce the amount of heat lost through external perimeter walls. The construction comprises of two walls separated by a cavity. These walls are ‘tied’ at strategic intervals using various forms of wall tie, commonly made of metal and often coated in bitumen or zinc.

Close up on mortar being applied during bricklaying
Masonry reinforcement tool

The Issue with Cavity Wall Ties

In the 1980’s it became apparent that the wall ties deteriorated much quicker than anticipated, leading to the requirement of cavity wall tie replacements. According to the Building Research Establishment, ten million homes in the UK may already have this problem – and are yet to be diagnosed.

There are many issues associated with failing cavity wall ties, from horizontal and stepped cracking of the masonry/mortar joints, bulging of the walls, and the possibility of an insufficient number of originalities installed. Cavity wall tie replacement from CavityTech Systems Ltd can prevent the need for future major rebuilding works.

Do you think your cavity wall ties need replacing?

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