Crack Stitching and Masonry Reinforcements Throughout the South East of England

CavityTech Systems Ltd provide crack stitching and masonry reinforcement as part of our remedial structural repair solutions. Our experienced surveyors have a wide range of solutions to solve problems caused by cracking within buildings.

Masonry Repairs and Crack Stitching

We have previously been involved in projects using various systems produced by Cintec, Helifix and Triton Chemicals. At CavityTech Systems Ltd we pride ourselves on carrying out high quality re-pointing using materials which are sympathetic with existing mortars and structures.

For more examples of our work, take a look at some of our case studies

Close up on mortar coming apart from bricks in wall
Red brick wall with large crack from top to bottom

Causes of Masonry Cracking

Cracking within buildings is a common problem and usually caused by foundation and thermal movement, lintel failure, and chemical expansion of metals or sulphates.

The qualified surveyors of CavityTech Systems Ltd offer a detailed inspection and diagnosis of the problems, providing (if necessary) a detailed report including a repair specification and estimate to resolve the problem.

When works are complete the client will benefit from our long term guarantee which can be insurance backed if required.

CavityTech Systems Ltd are fortunate enough to have many longstanding staff of great experience who carry out works with care and respect for the property.

Reinforce your masonry with CavityTech Systems Ltd

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