Lateral restraints
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Lateral restraints

Many structural problems within older properties are related to lateral movement within the wall construction often referred to as ‘bulging’ or ‘deflection’. However, lateral movement can also occur within more modern type of construction.
The reason lateral movement occurs is often due to the result of a combination of several weak points or defects within the structure, including structural overloading, poor interconnection with internal wall and floors, and poor elevation construction can all be contributing factors.
Our surveyors have a vast amount of experience and expertise in all types of building construction enabling us to provide a full written detailed repair solution.

The Benefits of modern lateral restraint methods

The majority of our lateral restraint installations are carried out using the Helifix BowTie HD along with other Helifix repair solutions to compliment the required structural repair. A few advantages of using BowTie HD’s are as follows:
  • Very effective and economical repair solution
  • Minimal inconvenience to occupants
  • Non-disruptive external installation
  • Visibly unobtrusive – no external plates
  • No splitting of timbers
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