Loft Insulation Extraction

Loft Insulation is the simplest and most effective way to reduce heat loss in your property. Up to 25% of a households heat loss can be through a poorly insulated roof. Effective loft insulation should pay for itself many times over. Loft insulation fitted correctly and that is suitable for your property should last for over 40 years.

CavityTech Systems Ltd  have vast experience in the removal of defective insulation and can quickly and efficiently remove this from your home. An inspection can be undertaken and we can offer advice to remedy any potential problems.

Examples of why insulation may need to be removed

• material may become damaged with wear and tear or may have been installed many years ago
• loose insulation or insulation badly fitted will allow heat to escape
• if new insulation has been laid on top of old damaged insulation
• if insulation has become wet due to a roof leak or burst tanks or pipes

Old insulation can be removed and bagged up in the loft, minimising dust and disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Any debris can then be swept up leaving a clean loft floor.

The qualified surveyors of CavityTech Systems Ltd offer a detailed inspection and diagnosis of the problems, providing (if necessary) a detailed report including a repair specification and estimate to resolve the problem.

CavityTech Systems Ltd are fortunate enough to have many longstanding staff of great experience who carry out works with care and respect for the property.

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