Loft, Attic, and Roof Insulation in South East England

Although most properties have roof insulation installed already, the majority have only 100mm or less and require topping up to the present-day standard of 270mm. With the recent announcement from various energy companies that fuel bills are set to soar, there has never been a better time for you to invest in insulation from CavityTech Systems Ltd. The installation of attic insulation by our accredited experts will include the draught proofing to loft hatches, where possible and practical.

Benefits of Roof Insulation from CavityTech Systems Ltd

By improving your loft or roof insulation you’ll save on heating bills and make your property a more comfortable temperature all year round.
As much as 25% of all the heat is lost from the average house via the roof space. By bring your loft insulation up to modern standards, savings of between 25%-35% can be achieved. By correctly insulating your home you could prevent the emission of around 135 tonnes or more of CO2 pollution during your lifetime.

Close up of roof installation in timber framed roof
Interior view of loft conversion with timber and insulation

Our Price Guide for different Roof Types

Typically, the payback period to recover the install cost from savings in your annual fuel bill would be between 2-12years – depending on the property type and the level of insulation required to be installed. We’ve put together some example costs, based on a loft insulation top-up of 170mm:

  • Semi-bungalow (2 bed) £200.00
  • Detached-bungalow (2 bed) £400.00
  • Mid-Terrace (3 bed) £200.00
  • Semi-House (3 bed) £225.00
  • Detached-House (4 bed) £425.00

The above costs are guide prices only and are based on typical property size per property type. Attic insulation will always be subject to survey, which is important in checking property stability and suitability. Our surveys are carried out without obligation and are free of charge. The installation of new pipe lagging and cold-water jackets are subject to additional pricing.

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