Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction

It is estimated that over 6 million properties in the UK have had cavity wall insulation installed. Cavity wall insulation is considered to be an effective way to reduce heating bills but there can be instances where the insulation doesn’t work as it is supposed to. Insulation that is not working to its full potential means that you aren’t getting the benefits you have invested in. Severe weather conditions, particularly from the winter storms experienced over the last few winters, can take there toll on brickwork and pointing leading to potential water ingress into the cavity. Although wet or damp insulation material will dry out in time, in severe cases and to accelerate the drying out process, insulation material may require removal as part of overall remedial works.

CavityTech Systems Ltd have vast experience in diagnosing issues relating to defects within the external facade of buildings. If the removal of existing insulation is required, as part of overall remedial works, we are able to carry this out using specialist extraction equipment in a quick and efficient manner. A boroscope inspection can be undertaken and we can offer the advice you need to remedy any potential problems

Examples of why insulation may need to be removed

• to remove cavity wall insulation from homes that are unsuitable
• to remove or replace wet or failed insulation
• defective wall ties or external render
• if the property is exposed to wind driven rain which can lead to water entering the cavity through defective pointing or spoiled bricks.
• incorrectly installed insulation or poor installation practices.
• breakdown of old insulation materials such as UF foam

All removed insulation material is bagged up and disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations. Once all other remedial works have been attended to e.g repointing, masonry water repellant application, cavity tray replacement etc, the cavity can then be re-insulated with new insulation material to modern building standards and current BBA Agrement certificates.

The qualified surveyors of CavityTech Systems Ltd offer a detailed inspection and diagnosis of the problems, providing (if necessary) a detailed report including a repair specification and estimate to resolve the problem.

CavityTech Systems Ltd are fortunate enough to have many longstanding staff of great experience who carry out works with care and respect for the property.

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