Waterproof Basement Walls from the Exterior

CavityTech Systems Ltd offer a range of solutions for waterproofing your basement, including exterior basement waterproofing. One of our accredited experts can visit your commercial or residential property in Brighton, Eastbourne, and throughout South East England for a no-obligations survey. We’re proud to be able to give you honest advice on the best way for you to achieve fully waterproof basement walls.

Waterproof your Basement Walls with External Systems

One very effective method to protect your basement is exterior basement waterproofing. This prevents water and other substances from entering the building, giving you waterproof basement walls all year round.

Under British Standard BS8102, external (type A) and internal (type C) cavity drainage membrane systems are often used in combination to provide complete protection against water from the ground.

The qualified surveyors of CavityTech Systems Ltd offer a detailed inspection and diagnosis of the problems, providing (if necessary) a detailed report including a repair specification and estimate to resolve the problem.

When works are complete the client will benefit from our long term guarantee which can be insurance backed if required.

CavityTech Systems Ltd are fortunate enough to have many longstanding staff of great experience who carry out works with care and respect for the property.

External works being carried out on property with earth works and concrete bricks

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