Waterproofing Membranes to Keep Your Basement Dry

CavityTech Systems Ltd design and install cavity drainage membrane systems within basement construction. This is an effective method of water proofing for both new build and existing basements. One of our surveyors will visit your property, providing a friendly service with a no-obligation survey/report, written specification, and quotation for any necessary work across South East England.

The Benefits of Installing a Cavity Drainage Membrane from CavityTech Systems Ltd

    • Preparation – As the membrane is mechanically fixed, there is no reliance on the system to bond with the substrate, so preparation is minimal. These membranes can also be applied to more friable backgrounds which are often not suitable to receive an adhesive system. They are more easily accessible for repair and maintenance
    • Depressurising the Structure – The studded membrane design creates an air cavity between the membrane and the substrate, allowing any moisture to move freely. This depressurises the structure, eliminating weak points and ensuring that the problem is not forced elsewhere. The most critical part of the system is the floor/wall junction, where we install suitable drainage channeling to collect and direct any moisture to a suitable point for exit.
    • Finishing – A membrane installation is often finished using a dry-lining system, enabling electrical and plumbing services to be concealed. If required, we can also include insulation here to increase thermal values. As soon as the membrane/lining system is installed the basement area will feel instantly warmer and drier. Subsequent decoration can be carried out promptly.

The qualified surveyors of CavityTech Systems Ltd offer a detailed inspection and diagnosis of the problems, providing (if necessary) a detailed report including a repair specification and estimate to resolve the problem.

When works are complete the client will benefit from our long term guarantee which can be insurance backed if required.

CavityTech Systems Ltd are fortunate enough to have many longstanding staff of great experience who carry out works with care and respect for the property.

Waterproof your basement today with CavityTech Systems Ltd

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